What is “Balance” and how do we lose it?

What is meant by balance?

Another word for balance is homeostasis.

Homeostasis is achieved when something (like your body temperature) is maintained in an ever changing environment.

Obstacles (which come in many forms) can throw off the balance, though most of the time the body can adjust to regain its balance\homeostasis.

If these obstacles are more than the body can handle, the state of balance begins to weaken which then creates a vulnerable system where diseases may develop and injuries are more likely to occur.

How can the body lose balance?

The short answer is when we do not look after ourselves as we should.

Here are some examples:

  • When we do not eat good, nutritional food our body can become deficient in vitamins and minerals it requires for certain functions.
  • When we do not drink an adequate amount of water, the body becomes dehydrated. The first part of the body to become dehydrated is the fascia. Fascia encases all the muscles and organs of the body and assists the muscles to smoothly move and stretch – if the fascia becomes dehydrated then it cannot allow the muscle to move as much as it should. It can become hardened or tight (this one example of when injuries are more likely to occur).
  • Emotional stress (amongst other things) will limit the amount of blood (containing nutrients and oxygen) to the organs that are not needed for a quick escape, as an example, the stomach and digestive system do not play a part in escaping danger so blood flow is limited to these organs to enable more blood flow can be sent to the heart, lungs and large muscles. This is why organs like the stomach and intestines do not function smoothly when in a state of stress (Fight\flight) this is ok in the short term, though problems can develop when the body is in a state of constant stress over a long period of time.
  • When we do not get enough exercise. Muscles that are not exercised lose their strength and deteriorate. They become less efficient at supporting our bones which make it easier for injury to occur.
  • When we are not getting enough sleep. Sleep is when the body should be in the rest and restore mode and the body has a chance of recovering and repairing the body.

When we are not looking after ourselves, our cells are not getting the nutrients and rest they require and so they begin to weaken and die, this in turn affects the tissues and eventually it effects the muscle or the organ.

Bowen Therapy restores the bodies balance by:

  • Putting the body into the rest and restore mode as opposed to the stress mode.
  • Improves the quality of the messages sent via the nervous system
  • Softens any hard or calcified tissue allowing sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the tissue and removing excess debris.

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