Headaches and Migraines

I have treated multiple clients suffering regular migraines and headaches. I am happy to say that these clients have had great results!

From the case notes below you can see that the results vary. The length of time the client has had the problem, the severity, the cause and the client’s history will all play a role in how the body responds.

Two client’s migraines were gone after one treatment, another received gradual results- the frequency and the severity of the headaches were reduced while the 4th client’s headaches\migraines frequency reduced after other ailments were addressed first.

Client 1 – Male 20s

Symptoms: Suffering migraines most days, not very active because of it, unable to work.

Treatment 1:  I treated this client with “moves” to envoke relaxation in the body, I also addressed the Psoas muscle.

Treatment 2: Client returned a fortnight later and reported no migraines since treatment, though had a couple of minor headaches, feeling a lot better within himself and feels more energetic.

Client 2 – Female 20s

Symptoms: Suffered a migraine every second day for the past 2 years since giving birth.

Treatment 1: I addressed the pelvis, neck and coccyx and used Mcgloulin Scar Tissue Release over the c-section scar.

The client came back the following week and reported no migraines since the last treatment.

Client 3 – Female 30s

 Symptoms: Has suffered headaches every day for as long as she can remember. On a Pain scale of 1-10 and 10 being the worst, the headaches are usually about 5-6 and some days can get to a 10 in which, this client is unable to work.  This client has been taking pain relief everyday.

Treatment 1: I noticed the hips were out of alignment, addressed the hips, the upper back and jaw.

Treatment 2: The client reported no changes, hips still aligned, I addressed the Psoas, coccyx and performed the scar tissue release over adhesions I found in the upper back through palpation.

Treatment 3: Client reported 5 consecutive days without a headache and the headaches that she did have were a pain level of 2, pain relief was not needed. I noticed that the hips were misaligned. I addressed hips, jaw and Vagus nerve.

Treatment 4: Client reported no headache for 3 consecutive days and the headache that she did have was 1-2 and had not needed to take any pain relief. In this treatment I addressed Abdomen, neck and shoulders.

Treatment 5: Client reported that she had gotten her first headache since the last treatment that day – so 6 consecutive days without a headache. Again the headache that she had, were manageable at a pain level of 1 and did not need to take pain relief.

Treatment 6: 2-3 headaches in 3 weeks, level of pain not even a 1

Client 4 – Female 50s

Symptoms: Suffers regular migraines and headaches, has at least 1 migraine a week sometimes more and has headaches about 2 times a week. Was hit from behind in a stationary car 8mths ago. Also suffering restricted movement on RHS shoulder, tight calf muscles and pain in feet and lower back.

Treatment 1: I addressed the coccyx, Hamstrings, feet and shoulder.

Treatment 2: Client reported improvements with back pain and feet. I addressed the Psoas, legs, shoulder and arms.

Treatment 3: Client went on a hiking trip and had a migraine everyday, I addressed hamstrings, shoulders, jaw and vagus nerve.

I treated this client 2 more times over 3 weeks and she reported no migraines or headaches at all.

Treated this client again twice over 6 weeks and during that time the client had 2 migraines.

I treated the client again 3 months later and she reported that she had had no headaches or migraines.

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