Stressed? Anxious? Neurological Disorder? Can Bowen Therapy help?

Throughout the years I have always been confident in telling people that Bowen Therapy can address muscular\physical problems. It has only been in the past couple of years that I have witnessed the benefits that Bowen can offer people who are suffering from emotional distress. I have read in many books that we store our stress and emotions in our bodies. I have never gave it too much thought, until I started treating clients who presented with emotional ailments and had wonderful results. Please note, I am not suggesting that Bowen Therapy should be used in place of a counselor or prescribed medicines, though it could compliment your current management plan. Below are some examples of these clients:

Client 1 – Female, Teen

Suffers from anxiety, spends a lot of time in bedroom, very quiet, barely speaks to anyone including family members, fidgets when uncomfortable\around people, does not participate in social activities.

Treatment 1:

I used Bowen procedures that induce relaxation and calm the nervous system (though most Bowen procedures do this)

A couple of days later I seen the client that referred this Teen to me she said “Teen doing really well, she is participating in group activities and the anxiety seems to have improved”

A week after the treatment, I received a text message from the Teen’s mother “ I Just can’t believe the different in “Teen” after bringing her to you. She is a different kid, handling school a lot better, she doesn’t shut up at home, she even said to me, I don’t know what that lady did but I’m actually participating in class even put my hand up to answer questions! I’ve never done that! Thank you so much she hasn’t been fidgeting and picking at her nails even going to the shop and asking for something at the counter is something she would never do and she did! Her confidence has changed.”

Treatment 2: (5 weeks later)

Teen asked to mum to see me as had a lot going on and started to go downhill.

Treatment 3: (7 months later)

Was going really well for quite a while after last treatment, though needs a “top up” as anxiety has returned when at school (though not at home), I noticed she was not fidgeting.

Client 2 – Male 20s

Client’s mother enquired about Bowen as her son who was suffering from depression. He had quit work and spent the majority of every day in bed. Mum bought the client to the appointment and she spoke for him, he did not make eye contact with me or speak to me. He was unkept – matted hair, dirty clothes, body odor, long toe-nails. He looked defeated and I just wanted to help him, if even a minor improvement.

Treatment 1:

Again, I used Bowen procedures with the aim to induce relaxation, though this time I also added the Psoas muscle as metaphysically this muscle is thought to hold tension related to fear and depression.

Treatment 2: (2 weeks later)

I could see the improvements immediately, I couldn’t believe it. This client who would not speak or look at me, now walked into my clinic alone, made eye contact and spoke to me. On top of that his appearance was the complete opposite, he looked like he had had a haircut, he wore clean clothes and no body odour. He said he was feeling a lot better within himself and he had more energy. I was so happy for him.

Client 3 – Female 40s

Autism, PTSD, Anxiety


Weekly treatments have been beneficial for this client to cope with stressful situations. Client has found that the treatment “mellows her out”. The duration and severity of the stress caused by certain triggers has reduced, the triggers don’t seem to cause the same level of anxiety or stress as they did a year ago. Client says that Bowen seems to restore calm when nervous system is affected by a heightened sensory response.

Client 4 – Female 30s

Suffers panic attacks and anxiety.


I have seen this client every 8-10 weeks for the past 2 years. This client has not had any panic attacks since the second treatment, though still experiences anxiety from time to time, though it is no longer the main reason this client sees me.

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