My name is Yasmin and I have always had a passion for holistic health and helping others.

I enjoy a good book and spending time with my young family.

I had my first encounter with Bowen Therapy in 2010. After a day in the sun with family and friends, I had a terrible headache and I just wanted to be in a quiet dark room. When I announced that I was leaving, my husband’s aunt, Kim offered to give me Bowen Therapy, which I had never heard of.

As the headache was so bad, I was willing to try anything and I agreed without asking any questions.

I sat on the couch with my head back while Kim touched points on my face – after a minute or so all the noise in the room melted into the background and I felt very relaxed, she continued for another 5 minutes or so and I could have easily fallen asleep. Kim left me there for another 5 minutes and came back and asked how I was feeling, I was feeling very relaxed and the terrible headache I had minutes before was now reduced to a manageable, dull ache. I no longer felt the need to leave and that’s when I started asking questions!

Later the same week, I enrolled myself into a Bowen Therapy course and I have never looked back.

I, of course, felt a little sheepish on my first day in class when we went around the room sharing our experiences with Bowen Therapy – It dawned on me that I had never experienced a full treatment and I didn’t really know what to expect in a treatment as I only had minimal exposure.

I remember one of my classmates had Fibromyalgia which was affecting most aspects of their life like keeping up with children, full-time work, housework, social life e.c.t and after trying everything she possibly could, Bowen Therapy was the only thing that seemed to give her life back.

I have to say I was feeling nervous about hearing these amazing stories as we went around, I remember thinking what have I gotten myself into?

I did not need to worry for long – I soon learned that it is the body that does the work.

Even now six years later I am still amazed when clients report incredible results.

I love Bowen Therapy and I cannot imagine my life without it.


BowTech Diploma Bowen Therapist, Registered BTAA - BAA,