The following case extracts illustrate the effects Bowen Therapy can have on different ailments.

It is important to note that that everyone responds differently, take into consideration, the type of ailment, the severity of the ailment and how long you have had the ailment for and also what you are doing on a daily basis – Are you using correct posture? 


Female client in her 20s unable to get a good night’s sleep due to pain in the pelvic area since giving birth 10 months

earlier.The client had not sought any prior treatment for this ailment. Four days after the first and only Bowen

Therapy session the client reported that the pain has completely gone and she can now sleep through the night

 (when baby allows it)


Client has suffered from lower back pain for the past 8 months and has tried different modalities to treat it though is not getting any relief, a few weeks ago the pain was so bad she was unable to get out of bed without assistance for  a couple of days.  In the first session I worked in the hip area and down the legs. The client reported that she felt fantastic the next day, no pain at all for the first time in 8 months!

 The client felt so good she returned to a dance group for 2 consecutive nights and the pain returned for 1 day only. In the second session I continued to work in the hip area, after this session the client reported that the lower back pain had not returned, though feeling some tension in shoulders most likely due to office work on a computer.

 I did not hear from this client again for 1 year in which she reported that she had not had any lower back pain since the very first session though was now starting to feel a dull ache in the lower back and wanted to keep on top of it, again I worked in the hip area and the pain did not return again.


Lower back Pain causing difficulty with walking, tests show inflammation in L4-L5, spine area is so tender that it is painful to touch. Client was hospitalized last week with contraction like Pain across the stomach, blood in the urine and could barely walk.

As this client was in so much pain on arrival, I kept the session to a minimum to not overload the body. I did some work on the hips, down the legs and feet. It was amazing to see this client who had shuffled into my clinic now walk out. After the session the client later reported that the family could see the difference as soon as she had returned home. The following week, the client was still experiencing some lower back pain though it was minimal in comparison to last week, legs sensitive to touch, though the client has said "I feel so much happier within myself".


Client reported Shoulder and neck pain, also unable to lift left shoulder above head making it difficult to get dressed and brush hair. I applied Bowen to the knees\legs as well as shoulder\arms\wrist.

At the next session the client reported that she could sleep on the left shoulder without pain, and could now lift the left shoulder to brush hair and get dressed, client’s neck pain has also improved.


Aching Pains in Lower back and hips, radiating down the lateral side (outside) of calf muscles, Jaw tense\painful since dental surgery 10 years ago. I applied Bowen to the Knee and hips. After the first session the client reported that the pain was amplified for 3 days though has since improved, pain no longer radiates down the legs though still feeling pain in the hips which has lessened. I again worked on the hips and also the jaw.After the 2nd session, the client reported no pain in the Jaw, though the tension\pain had returned to calf muscles which is minimal and is only experienced when standing up. I again worked on the hips and jaw.After the 3rd session the client has reported that jaw is no longer bothering them at all, still sore occasionally, no longer experiencing pain in lower back, hips and legs.